8 Piece Rosebud Sounds Set

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Just how deep is your love? With this set of stainless steel rosebud sounds, you will enjoy exploring the depths of previously uncharted territory! You will simply adore this beautiful bouquet of a dozen rosebuds for men, each one bigger than the last. Start off small and work your way up with this spectacular set. Starting at 1mm in diameter, this collection of urethral sounds increases in size by 1mm so the largest is a hefty 12mm! Each sound measures just under 31cm long from tip to the end of the handle.

The gently rounded tips of our rosebud sounds will slip in smooth as you gently stretch your urethra. This exhilarating sensation stimulates the inside of your penis. Also known as Bakes sounds or Bullet sounds, this set of medical play devices will soon send you over the edge with pleasure.

The handles themselves are rectangular in shape for an improved grip. This shape also allows better dexterity as you plunge the sound deeper, so you can better push your boundaries. This ergonomic shape allows you to grasp the handle with ease and gently twist the sound inside you for added stimulation.

Each set is made from body safe stainless steel and can be easily sanitised before and after use. For handy storage, you’ll receive your set of sounds in a professional zip leatherette case with velvet lining which helps to protect the highly polished finish of your sounds.