Interchangeable 4 Pinwheel Set

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Do you or your partner love the prickly sensation that only the perfect pinwheel can provide? This Interchangeable 4 Pinwheel Set is sure to make their heart skip a beat! Each pinwheel set comes complete with a sleek chrome plated handle and four erotic pinwheel attachments, each with varying numbers of heads so you can choose your weapon to suit the situation. Open the zip to the velvet lined pouch to reveal this devious pinwheel set and you’re ready for a night of scintillating sensation play.

Dim the lights and blindfold your partner to really set the scene. To get started with your pinwheel pleasure, simply attach your chosen Wartenberg wheel head to the stylish, internally threaded handle. When you want to switch things up with your sensation play, change out the head and increase or decrease the stimulation. The possibilities are endless with this fantastic set! Leave one head in the freezer while you play and switch to it half way through your session to really hear them shriek!

Our interchangeable 4 pinwheel set is perfect for everyone from beginners to those experienced in BDSM. Each sharp pin on every wheel will prickle and tickle the skin as it is rolled across the body. Whether you use this set to stimulate erogenous areas like nipples and genitals or you roll them across the back, chest and shoulders, the sensation is enough to send you to a heady, happy place.

There’s no need to buy several different pinwheels when you can have them all in one place. It saves time and money. Not only that, it looks as impressive as it feels. This entire Wartenberg pinwheel set is chrome plated metal apart from the stainless steel pins. This means they can be sanitised between uses so you can share your kinky toys with your closest friends.